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Shopping with Nanook

The weather in Nottingham has been a tad cold recently.   Hanging in Soli's wardrobe was a very stylish snowsuit, just the thing for a walk into town for a bit of Christmas shopping.  After all I like my favourite little man to be on trend!  And toddlers in snowsuits look so cute.

That was before the battle of the snowsuit began!  Snowsuits and toddlers, not a good combination and they should come with a grandma warning!

I think the problem was that Soli just didn't fancy shopping!  Playing with his Porsche was much more appealing.  He looked at his enthusiastic grandma brandishing the latest fashion essential and he was gone!  His face having said it all.  "Nah! me not wearing that grandma."

By the time I'd changed a wriggling nappy and worked little arms and legs into the four apertures of the snowsuit, I was completely knackered.  Soli was grumpy, looked as stiff as a board and resembled Nanook of the North.

Several minutes later with Soli in his Bugaboo, bag…

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