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Following in Mummy's Footsteps

The hours I spent feeding the ducks and visiting the play area in Godmanchester can't be counted.  My children loved playing here when they were little and it wasn't too far to go with visiting family and friends. 

When you become a parent you rediscover your childhood and the joy of little things, like feeding ducks!!   Honestly you have to get out there and embrace it all, no choice really!  It's strange but it really is a tonic and it's fascinating to watch a young child interact with their world.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a toddler though is something else!   There is so much to see and do and it's none stop.  The world is full of possibilities and when they discover mud... watch out!

As a new mum I wasn't a fan of muddy, messy play.  I soon learned though that mud and children go together and it's a great learning experience.

Our first outing as a family to Godmanchester was when Soli's mummy was a toddler.  Grandad had it all under co…

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